Help the Needy

The Help the Needy Project collects bicycles, computers, toys, and other household goods to ship to Ghana to distribute to needy children, families, and schools.

Acknowledgement to National Life for donations of computers, Free Ride Montpelier for donations of bicycles, and First Congretional Church of Berlin for support.

How we make it work

Every nonprofit organization (NP) that relies on donations must strategize to also engage in ventures that generate extra revenues to supplement their donated or pledged funds from private, corporate, or federal sources. Research of the financial records of known Vermont NPOs reveal that some organizations generate over 50% of their funds through direct sales to the public. The Shidaa Projects Inc. follows the strategies of these established Vermont NPOs and explores how to grow and expand it. For that matter, we include the collection/purchase of household items, electronics, & used cars, that are sold to offset the cost of shipping the donated items to Ghana.

(2010) Jeep Patriot, purchased from East Corinth is a typical example of such disposal in Ghana for the purpose.

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