I'm Oscar Kwame Anumu, 21 years old. I'm a college student studying Disease Control at the University of Health and Allied Sciences ( Ho, Ghana). I’m the 1st born of my parents & have four younger siblings. This bicycle I've got here to going help me a lot in school, due to the fact that my hostel is far from my campus and walking everyday to campus always gets me exhausted and mostly late for lectures. But with this bicycle I'm going to be at lectures on time and won't be exhausted like how I use to be at first. Thanks so much to the Shidaa projects for helping my education. God bless you!! 🙏🙏
Walter Johnson & Zebulun Acquaye, both kindergartners, and cousins living in Agege, a suburb of Accra, received this first-time gift from the Shidaa Help-the-Needy project. It is the objective of the Shidaa projects to put a glow of happiness on the faces of poor African Children.
2 year old Akosua Aboagyewa of Dansoman, a suburb of Accra, the capital of Ghana. She is a beneficiary of the Help-the-Needy Projects in Ghana, by the Shidaa projects Inc. (USA). Akosua is the only child of her 29 year old mother, and will start K-school post COVID-19.
Cute little Giovanna Aryeley Hammond cannot say “thanks” enough for this God-sent, first-time toy of hers. She’s only 2 years old and an only child of her mum, a teacher, and her dad, both from Pokuase, a suburb of Accra. The family loudly said “Thank you, Shidaa!!”

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