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Drumming Classes

Drop in for drumming sessions at the First Congregational Church of Berlin, Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45 pm through May 11.  
Drop in cost $11.00
Stay tuned for other Drumming Opportunities!

Shidaa Projects Presents our first Summer Camp August 2nd-4th! 


Instruments and artifacts our workshops are resourceful means of introducing students and teachers to an unprecedented knowledge of rich African culture and traditions.

Working in many middle and high schools in Vermont, New England, and throughout the Northeast, we always insist on incorporating appreciation for other cultures.

Our workshops are run either directly for students or for teachers seeking authentic resources to enable them to better teach their students.


Our Residencies are specifically designed for school children from kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12). Programs are made in accordance with the state’s arts education curriculum, as a way of complementing the efforts of teachers, and encouraging “learning through the arts.”

School Cultural Activities

The school cultural activities are created to incorporate all school ages and grades.  Based on the grades of our target audiences/participants, activities could range from simple “Anansi” story telling for younger kids, to dance drumming, choreography for middle-schoolers, and to the actual making of African drums or fabric printing as highly engaging hands-on activities. 

We also teach senior grades real cooking of classic West African dishes. 

Above all, in prioritizing diversity, we accommodate varied cultural sensitives of participants and encourage the sharing of similar cultural values which add to the overall objectives of improved learning.

University of Vermont - Africa House Program

Drum Making



Fabric Printing

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