Shidaa Projects Inc.



Through the use of African prints, symbols, designs, instruments and artifacts our workshops are resourceful means of introducing students and teachers to an unprecedented knowledge of rich African culture and traditions.

Working in many middle and high schools in Vermont, New England, and throughout the Northeast, we always insist on incorporating appreciation for other cultures.

Our workshops are run either directly for students or for teachers seeking authentic resources to enable them to better teach their students.


Our Residencies are specifically designed for school children from kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12). Programs are made in accordance with the state’s arts education curriculum, as a way of complementing the efforts of teachers, and encouraging “learning through the arts.”

School Cultural Activities

Drumming and Dancing

Performance at UVM Africa House - Gobal Village Project Dinner

Fabric Printing

2011 summer Fabric Printing workshop for kids

Our instructors teach students the traditional meanings and applications (or uses) of West African Adinkra symbols. Students are taken through the actual hands-on activity of printing these symbols on plain fabrics to make Adinkra cloth.

Other fabric printing activities include:
Tie & dye
Kente printing or weaving
Batik and other West African fabric designs

Drum Making

Materials needed for drum making:

  • Hollow wooden drum shell
  • Pair of rings
  • Goat skin
  • Twine

Jordan helping students install goat skin for the drum head.


The finished Dundun drum.



Jeanie (of Katie’s Jewels) facilitating students’ African beading during a Shidaa residency.

The students’ finished necklaces and bracelets.


Cooking “Ampesi” – eggplant stew with boiled plantain.

Lovelace Mensah and students enjoy their Ampesi.